Run Chat Live

Run Chat Live

Evie from PhysiosOnline and GetBetterOnline speaks with Matt Philips, host of the RunChatLive International Running Conference, October 29th & 30th. This virtual conference has the stated aim of “Putting the Evidence back into Running Injury & Performance”.

The conference was originally planned to be held in Brighton, however like most events in 2020, it has now been moved online to a virtual space. Matt was looking forward to repeating the success of the 2019 event, where runners and expert clinicians came together to chat about running! Now “pivoting” to virtual, he’s aiming to keep the fun and interactive vibe that attendees and speakers enjoyed last year.

The event features ten internationally acclaimed speakers: Matt Fitzgerald, Tom Goom, Emma Brockwell, Ben Cormack, Kevin Maggs, Alice Sanvito, Dr. Claire Minshull, Nick Knight, Dr. Jess Bruce, Trevor Prior, Mike James.

A particularly interesting aspect of the conference is likely to be the two 90-minute Q&A sessions with all ten speakers together on screen, where attendees can join in the discussion. I’m expecting a chaotic and fun time on zoom that day!

For more information about the conference and to buy a ticket, go to Matt’s site here

Matt’s conference features great speakers including GetBetterOnline’s Dr. Claire Minshull, and he’s been doing good work to bring better understanding of evidence-based injury care to runners.  If you’re a runner yourself or work with people who have running or sports injuries this conference is most likely worth doing. Looking forward to it.