Persistent pain, work and disability

Pain, work and disability

Evie from speaks with patient pain self-management Tina about her experience of physiotherapy care for persistent pain due to sciatica.

They discuss topics such as

  • Tina’s experience with less-than-optimal physiotherapy care, and how in retrospect her treatment could have been better.
  • How Tina began gain control and improve her function in daily life. She regards her positive experience with a physiotherapist Matt Low as being central to her learning to live better with her pain. She explains how being treated as a unique individual by Matt enabled her to move forward with better understanding of how to improve her condition.
  • Tina’s exploration of the philosophy of causation, and how this helped her to view pain differently. Tina speaks of her work with the Cause Health Project.
  • The importance of work for many people with persistent pain, along with the supports available to those who are disabled due to pain.
  • How virtual care may improve the ongoing care of people with persistent pain by enabling easier access to supportive healthcare professionals.

Tina is known on twitter as @livingwellpain and blogs at