Experience of tapering antidepressants

Evie and Louise Trewern from discuss Louise’s experience of tapering her antidepressants.

Louise has a long history of chronic pain with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. She was on opioid medication for 13 years, and during this period also used antidepressants duloxetine and sertraline.

After a successful opioid taper, Louise managed to stop using opioids completely. After a long period without opioids, she decided to try tapering her long-term antidepressant medication as well.  At the time of this conversation, Louise has just finished tapering her duloxetine having taken her last dose 2-3 weeks ago. She has just begun tapering the sertraline.

Louise’s story is really uplifting and inspiring, but we feel it’s very important for everyone who hears it to understand that tapering must ALWAYS be done under close medical supervision. It has been a long, difficult and at times very rocky struggle for Louise and her family to taper her medications over the course of the past several years.  Please NEVER attempt to taper medications on your own without supervision.

It’s also important that people watching this understand that while Louise’s life has improved greatly, this is not a fairytale or a movie! Louise still lives with daily pain and she continues to have many difficult days, but she has learned to cope better and experience more of the good that life has to offer despite her pain.