Dr. Claire Minshull discussing her back injury

Back injury

Dr. Claire Minshull and Evie from getbetteronline.co.uk discuss Claire’s back injury.

After an initial episode of pain brought on by carrying a vintage filing cabinet up a flight of stairs (?!), Claire experienced gradually worsening back pain with leg symptoms. After six months of pain she underwent a discectomy (back operation to treat a disc prolapse).

A mere day after this initial discectomy she was able to walk out of the hospital with relative ease. Unfortunately, six days later, a combination of extremely bad timing and unlucky positioning in a car accident resulted in her being re-admitted to hospital with a suspected serious injury to her spine.

Her stay at hospital after the car accident was very challenging, as Claire was on bed-rest for a week in the hopes of helping the lesion to repair. After this week of bed rest, imaging indicated that there may be a CSP (cerebrospinal fluid) leak, and so surgery was needed to investigate.

Rehabilitation following this second surgical intervention was much slower and more difficult than after the initial discectomy. In the subsequent months of her recovery, Claire was forced to find creative ways to help herself obtain optimal strength and function while experiencing pain for a long period following the accident.

Her own experiences with back trauma and rehabilitation caused her to develop an interest in back pain generally, and gave her insight into the challenges faced by people attempting to regain their previous level of fitness following injury.

Dr Claire Minshull: getbacktosport.com