About Get Better Online

Our story

Who we are, what we do.

We’re a group of specialised doctors, physios, rehabilitation and exercise professionals, psychologists and patient experts. 

We started this project to help people who, for various reasons, find it difficult or impossible to access the specialised care that they need. 

The project was born of the Covid-19 crisis, however the benefits of virtual healthcare go far beyond lockdown. Access to an expert to help people stay active, improve quality of life and get better from pain is something that will always be needed. 

Our experts each have their own speciality, and they work together to provide the best help for you to GET BETTER.

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Specialised treatment for injuries and pain conditions.

Internationally renowned experts, offering multidisciplinary care via video consultations

Specialist Clinicians

Physiotherapists - Chiropractors - Osteopaths Specialised therapists skilled at diagnosing and managing injuries and pain conditions. We diagnose, inform, advise and prescribe individual exercise and self-treatment programmes.


Sports medicine specialists - Pain management - Musculoskeletal specialists Consultants specialising in the treatment, sports injuries, back and neck pain, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Sports and Rehabilitation Experts

Strength and conditioning specialists - Sport therapists - Rehabilitation specialists
Exercise professionals skilled at helping you achieve your fitness or activity goal – whether this is heavy powerlifting, or being able to lift your young child.

Mental Health and Support

Psychologists - Weight loss consultants
Many of our clients benefit from the expert support of mental health professionals. Both for people struggling with long-term pain or chronic conditions, and for those hoping to optimize their sports performance, help with weight management can also be very beneficial.

Patient advocates and mentors

These are experts in their own right, who themselves have dealt with chronic pain, injury, addiction to medications and other difficult health challenges. They consult with health services, write extensively for the benefit of patients and health professionals, and advocate for better care for other patients affected by these issues. They offer individual mentoring and guidance sessions to people who may benefit from their experience, understanding and advice.

Our partners

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Our service statement

getbetteronline.co.uk is a website set up to inform the public about a collective of independent experts, each of whom operates their own practice/clinic using both telehealth and traditional physical consultations. Each expert is responsible for their own insurance, clinical decision-making, and work practices. Get Better Online is simply a website, where each expert member of the network informs the public about their own services. It is not a clinic. is not in any way involved in the clinical interactions between the expert listed on our site and their patients.